5 Shots from 50 Yards

"Hi Wally,
I shot this at our gun range this morning. I thought you'd like seeing one of my targets (5 shot group) on my first outing using your Model 1000 Rifle Rest!

Rifle: Anschutz Model 1717D - HB

Ammunition: Federal V-Max.17 Grain

Weather: Light Wind

I love it!
Thank you so much!
-- Anna from Washington

Targetshooting.com builds the world's best quality rifle rests, tripod, pistol rest, shooting bench, target stand, and recoil pad - Made in the U.S.A.

Wally Brownlee - Target Shooting
Wally Brownlee with Model 2500 Shooting Bench

We at Target Shooting, Inc. believe that supporting your rifle with the proper rifle rest is just as important as an accurate gun and good optics. With that said, I guarantee that our rifle rests are the best that money can buy - These are not your fathers' rests. We will make your shooting more accurate. And, more importantly, we will make your shooting more enjoyable.

We look at it this way, shooting is a hobby.  We all work hard at our job and when it's time to go shooting, why not make it a more enjoyable experience by using the right equipment?  You deserve it!

Here are some of our benefits:

  • The most stable equipment available
  • Saves ammo when sighting in or developing loads
  • No more wasted time
  • No more gadgets (rolled up coats, dog food bags, tool boxes, etc.) and the list goes on and on...

Our shooting rests can be used on deer stands, ATV's, the hoods of vehicles.  Let us know where you use yours!

All of our products are made in America and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Our  motto at Target Shooting, Inc. is "Beware of the High Cost of the Low Price."

Thank you for your interest in our products.  Have a great day - See you down range.

Wally Brownlee
Target Shooting, Inc.

NRA Lifetime Member

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.